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Caribbean Style Pork Chops

Caribbean Style Pork Chops People constantly say to me that they never know what to do with pork chops to make to keep them moist and tasty.

In this recipe I have included some household favourite flavours and teamed them with the chops.

This is a lovely midweek supper dish.

- 6 pork chops (7oz/200g each) - 1 yellow pepper
- 1 red onion
- 6-8 button mushrooms sliced
- 1 courgette
- 2 carrots
- 4 cloves of garlic - crushed
- 1 glass of white wine
- 2 tins chopped tomatoes
- 1 teaspoon of cayenne
pepper/smoked paprika
- 1 small tin of pineapple
(5-6 slices)
- 2 large eating apples
- 2oz/50g dried apricots
- 3floz/75ml cream
- Seasoning

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4
Thinly slice all of the vegetables into evenly sized pieces.
Drain the juice off of the pineapple and chop each pineapple ring into 4 or 5 pieces.
Heat a large frying pan with a little butter and oil.
Pan fry the chops on either side for 2-3 minutes until they have obtained a nice golden brown colour.
Remove the chops from the pan and transfer to a casserole dish.

Meanwhile add another drizzle of oil to the pan and all the yellow pepper, courgette, red onion, sliced mushrooms and carrots to the pan with the four cloves of crushed garlic and sauté gently for 4-5 minutes or until they have begun to soften.
Next add in the glass of white wine and allow that to bubble up before adding the tins of chopped tomatoes.
Mix in the chopped tomatoes (I normally wash the cans out with a little water and add this to the pot also) and then add the cayenne pepper, diced apples, pineapple, apricots and pouring cream and mix this well.
Season the mixture at this stage and allow it to come to the boil.

Once the mixture has come to the boil pour it over the pork chops in the casserole dish and cook in the oven for a further 30-40 minutes until the sauce is nicely reduced alongside the cooked pork.

Serve immediately with creamy potatoes or softly boiled basmati rice.
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