Orla Kiely teams up with Kenco Millicano

Kenco Millicano unveiled its stunning limited edition coffee travel mug, designed exclusively by acclaimed Irish designer Orla Kiely in Dublin yesterday and i was delighted to attend.

The ceramic eco mugs are the stylish way to enjoy coffee-on-the-go and bear the distinctive bold print and colours that have made Orla Kiely famous worldwide. The mugs will be free with purchase of special promotional packs of Kenco Millicano tin and refill from mid-August in all major retailers nationwide.

The fashion and homewares designer flew into Dublin to announce her exclusive collaboration with Ireland’s leading coffee brand, Kenco Millicano.

Speaking about her reusable travel coffee mug design, Orla said, “I love my coffee and I often enjoy a ‘coffee-on-the-go’, but the throwaway nature of all those paper cups bothered me. So, when Kenco Millicano approached me with an idea of creating an eco coffee mug that would be reusable, I jumped at the challenge. The opportunity to design something that was environmentally friendly, beautiful and practical for everyday use really appealed to me. I deliberately used fun, happy colours so that people can enjoy a bright start to their day while drinking their coffee in style. I hope Irish coffee lovers enjoy using the mug.”

Speaking about the distinctive coffee bean print used on the Kenco Millicano mug, Orla added, “I wanted to design something that would really stand out on the street if you saw someone holding it in their hand. The design had to have immediate impact from a colour and print point of view, without losing its core value, which is all about the quality of coffee. We developed this by using the roast coffee bean as the repeat signature print. I love how it looks – it’s symbolic of coffee yet looks so eye-catching and would certainly make you look twice.”

Sandra Gahan, Head of Marketing for Mondelez Ireland – Beverages, said, “As one of the most talented and instantly recognisable designers in the world, Orla was the perfect designer to take on our challenge. Her environmentally conscious ethos and approach was key to the success of our design partnership and the result is a fabulous eco coffee mug that is beautifully stylish and practical.

“At Mondelez International, we are hugely proud of our environmental credentials and work. 100% of our Kenco coffee, including Kenco Millicano, is sourced in Rainforest Alliance certified farms. This not only ensures high quality coffee beans for your coffee, but also ensures that the lives of coffee farmers, and their families, are better quality too. Orla fully supports this philosophy and shares similar values, which was important to us. Our Kenco Millicano fans love their coffee-on-the-go, and are very style conscious people, so we know that Orla’s limited edition Kenco Millicano travel mugs will go down a storm!”

Promotion and RRP: The Orla Kiely for Kenco Millicano eco travel coffee mugs will be free with purchase of special RRP €10 promotional packs of 100g Kenco Millicano tin and 85g refill from mid-August in all major retailers nationwide.

For more information on stockists and availability please go to www.Kenco.ie

If you like the Orla Kiely for Kenco Millicano eco coffee mugs, please share your feedback via our Twitter page #OrlaKielyforKenco

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