Gill and Macmillan Autumn Collection

Over the last number of weeks one of Ireland’s well known publishers has sent me some of their books, each of which i am enjoying reading and experimenting from. With Christmas coming up I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about them to, perhaps, assist you in your festive shopping requirements:

Lilly Higgin’s Dream Deli

This is a collection of tried and tested, fresh and simple recipes that fit nicely into modern life. Lilly shows the reader how to bring lots of flavour to food. There are lots of fab recipes in the book including:

Honey & Brown Butter Financiers
Raspberry & Coconut Buns
Carrot & Star Anise Soup
Weekend Waffles

The book is available in all good bookshops now for €22.99

The Nation’s Favourite Food

Neven Maguire is one of Ireland’s most trusted chefs and is always on the road promoting all that is good about food. In this book he chronicles a series of all our favourite dishes. Neven has included lots of interesting chapters on Soups, Starters, Salads, Dinner parties, Lunchboxes, Kids’ Favourites & Christmas.

The book is currently available for €22.99

The ICA Book of Home & Family

How delighted was i to receive this book, given my long time association with the ICA. A wonderful group of women they are the collective powerhouse which run lots of homes and groups throughout Ireland. After the success of their initial cookery book last year they have followed on with a ‘How To…’ book for home and family with a series of cleaver tricks, special touches and precious know-how to pass on to the next generation of homemakers. In this book hundreds of women share their practical tips, short cuts and first hand experience on how to make a house a home.

This book containing pearls of wisdom from Irish women is now available in all good bookshops, priced at €22.99

The Weekend Chef

In her fantastic new book, award-winning Catherine Fulvio celebrates the relaxed and easy vibe of the weekend with 100 new recipes to take you from Friday to Sunday in style. From Friday night curry to Saturday brunch, from rainy-day baking, to Sunday’s family dinner.

Recipes from the book I can’t wait to try are:

Chocolate Semifreddo with Pistacios & berries
Blueberry & Walnut Muffins
‘Beef it up’ Pitas

The book is available in all good bookshops now for €22.99

Chapter One-An Irish Food Story

his beautiful book showcases the quality of the cooking at Chapter One, together with the Irish producers and staff who give the restaurant its heartbeat. Ross Lewis’s passion for what he does, the integrity of his vision, and the flair with which he runs his restaurant will be enjoyed on every page. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning photography by famed Irish photographer, Barry McCall.

The book is now onsale from €31.99

The Irish Beef Book

This book is a celebration of the best things about the Irish food scene and of what makes our beef world class-artisan producers, quality land and animals and the excellent husbandry and farming techniques.

It empowers cooks with the knowledge to choose quality meat that is good for their health and is packed with recipes for nose to tail eating.

The book is available in all good bookshops, priced at €24.99

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